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The Tweets of Wang Wei is a literary project by Daria Patrie.  It is based on the book Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei by Pain Not Bread.

The goal of the project is to infect the Internet with poetry, specifically to remix aspects of Pain Not Bread’s book into Twitter tweets in the hopes of enlightening and inspiring a vast audience with small accessible moments of beauty.   Pain Not Bread’s book is a meditation on the nature of translation: of language, of culture, of time.  This project seeks to take that further, moving the act of translation into something which is highly conscious of both medium and message, and seeking to propagate through and subtly alter the nature of the Internet itself.

This project is not a twitter-version of the book Introduction to the Introduction of Wang Wei just as that book is not the work of Wang Wei the poet, dead 1300 years, but a reflection, a resonance, an echo, an allusion.


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